Bid Checklist

Reyman Bros. Construction welcomes the opportunity to bid your project. In order for us to prepare an accurate bid, you should have the following:

• A Site
You should own or have an option on the land on which the building will be constructed.

• An Architectural Plan
A plan should be prepared by an architect and include a site plan, landscaping plans, floor plans, elevations, door and finish schedules, a foundation plan, engineered structural plans, mechanical plans, and electrical plans.

• A Budget
Your architect should establish a budget for the project based on historical cost data.
• Financing
A commitment of money from you or your bank to cover the amount in the architect’s budget.

• A Schedule
This should identify when occupancy of the building is desired.

If you do not yet have complete plans, we can direct you to an architect suited to the scope and style of your project. For clients who have pre-selected Reyman Bros. as the project contractor, we offer preliminary plan review, budgeting and value engineering during the planning process.

For more information, contact Jace Callender in our estimating department.

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