EP Minerals Warehouse Building

EP Minerals Warehouse Building, Nevada
In 1843, brothers Edgar and Stephen J. Conkling began manufacturing paint pigments under the brand name Eagle. In 1916, Judge Oliver Picher merged his lead mining company with the Eagle Paint Company to form Eagle-Picher Lead. This forerunner of the current company began the steady process of transforming the company into an industry leader by offering the most advanced products and technology of the time.

In 1945, the Company acquired diatomaceous earth (DE) deposits outside Reno, Nevada in what’s known today as Clark. Today, the Clark plant produces soil amendments, absorbents, and carriers as well as natural filter aids and functional additives.

Reyman Brothers Construction is pleased to have built numerous building projects for EP Minerals including this 14,400 square foot warehouse building in 2014.
EP Minerals
General Contractor: 
Reyman Bros. Construction
Project Manager: Jace Callender
Year Constructed: 2014