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St. Mary’s In The Mountains Church
Virginia City, Nevada

Built in 1876, St. Mary’s in the Mountains features a dramatic design
and a towering spire that made it a monument on the Comstock. After
more than a century of exposure to Virginia City’s high, dry climate,
the time came to restore this historic edifice to its original state.
Funded by grants from the Conrad Hilton Foundation and the National
Park Service, the challenge was to reinforce the structure while
preserving the historic look of the church. Reyman Bros. constructed
a new concealed concrete skeleton and wall bracings, re-plastered
throughout, re-roofed the building, and added a choir loft, hardwood
flooring, and elegant chandeliers to return this house of worship to its
original grandeur.
Owner: Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno, Nevada
General Contractor: 
Reyman Bros. Construction
Architect: Mercedes de la Garza, AIA
Project Manager: Jace Callender
Project Cost:
$2.2 million