Locke Boarding House

Locke, California
Locke, California is the last remaining rural Chinatown in the United States. The Locke Boarding House was built on acreage owned by a chinese-friendly farmer when laws prohibited Chinese immigrants from owning land. Though the building was in extreme disrepair both structurally and architecturally, the Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency and California Parks & Recreation joined forces in 2005 to restore it to preserve the story of Chinese immigrant life in the Sacramento Delta. In 2007, Reyman Bros. Successfully restored the boarding house with a new foundation, framing, windows, siding, roofing, and the rehabilitation of numerous architectural features.
Owner: Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency
General Contractor: 
Reyman Bros. Construction
Architect: Architectural Resource Group, San Francisco
Project Manager: Jace Callender
4000 sq. ft.
Project Cost:
$1 million